Rio de Janeiro Olympic games 2016

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

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The olympic brazier was finally lit yesterday night in the stadium MaracanĂ , after a great show of lights, fireworks, colors and caraibic music. The ceremony, despite its joyous layout, communicated important messages such as world peace and protection of earth from pollution. As a symbolic gesture each athlete in turn, after parading behind their standard bearer, planted a seed in large metal containers that finally turned into trees depicting the olympic circles.
After the oath taken by athletes, judges and trainers and the speeches of CIO president Thomas Bach and Rio mayor Eduardo Paes the brazier was lit by Vanderlei Cordero De Lima, brazilian athlete, winner of the bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games after being attacked by a spectator while he was alone at the head of the race.
Today is the first official competition day and 7 gold medals will be assigned in Rio de Janeiro.
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